Saturday, February 23, 2008

Time for Alan Colmes to improve on his facts

Leftists complain that Fox News spreads right-wing propaganda. The PC liberals and the rest of the political left bash Fox and falsely claim that only uneducated Americans watch it. Fox news actually says a lot of facts. Yet it's the most demonized TV news channel cause it's right-wing. There is one naive leftist who works and is a reporter for Fox news. His name is Alan Colmes.
When Cuban-American Humberto Fontova was interviewed about Ernesto [Che] Guevara on Hanitty and Colmes, Alan Colmes claimed it was only he who got facts about Che's firing squads as well as other facts Humberto got about the stupid bloodthirsty idiotic psychopath Che Guevara. That shows how the liberal Alan Colmes knows so little about Che Guevara. The firing squads at la cabana fortress are well-known. Proponents of Che try to justify it claiming that they were there because they were mass-murders under the fallen Fulgencio Batista dictatorship. However, the new Castor regime also executed people in la cabana for disagreeing with the government. One time, while I saw Humberto Fontova in the Dennis Prager show, a Cuban-American called. He said that his Hollywood boss called him and asked what he was doing. He said that he was making a movie about a Cuban-American family.
His boss said oh and then said that he wanted Kerry in to end the embargo on Cuba and said evil Communists come on. The Cuban-American said that Che Guevara killed his uncle for speaking out against Communism. Wow, that really sounds heroic Che, executing his uncle for speaking out against Communism.
Colmes also opposes the term Islamo-fascism even though they follow a form of fascism and claim to be doing their barbaric terrorist acts in the name of Islam. They still indoctrinate people [especially kids] to fight to spread their form of Islam around the world and that if they die, they don't die but end u[ in heaven with 72 virgins. Suicide bombers are holy Shahid fighters according to the radical Islamist ideology. Yet Alan Colmes says the term Islamo-fascism indites a whole religion even though it doesn't. It doesn't mean islam. Islam is a religion like Judaism and Christianity. But Islamo-fascists follow a brand of it and are hijacking Islam and even commit terrorist attacks on their fellow [innocent] Muslims especially those who disagree with radical Islamists and want peace with the non-Muslim infidels while following their faith.
He also said in the Hannitty and Colmes show when Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes interviewed former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu about Iran. Colmes said that Iran feels threatened by our rhetoric. Netanyahu responded correctly saying that Iran calls for the destruction of Israel while no one calls for the destruction of Iran. Alan Colmes like the rest of the political left and the political correct liberal nuts said that our rhetoric is making them do what they do. What about the Iranian government's rhetoric and their anti-American and anti-semitic propaganda. The Iranian government calls for the destruction of America, Israel and for the spread of their form of Islam. The US, Israel and this blog has nothing against the Iranian people. The three opposes the Iranian government as well as the demonstrators in Iran that yell death to American and death to Israel. Abedinejad goes to demonstrations that say death to America and death to Israel and calls for the destruction of Israel.
This blog is not cynically about Alan Colmes. Alan Colmes is just a naive liberal. He works for Fox news, the very TV station that his fellow liberals attack.

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