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Double Standards about Latin America

In Latin America, there are double standards against Capitalism, right wingers and America. Communist and socialist anti-American dictators and regimes get away with human rights violations. In this article, I will talk about Chile, Nicaragua Venezuela and Cuba.
Here's what you have to do to get away with being a brutal dictator in Latin America:
1. Be anti-American
2. Be Communist and/or socialist
Augustin Pinochet was [and is] widely condemned. People say in disgust,"Och, look at all those right-wingers who support him. Look at America. America supported him." I say, "Well, look at all those leftists who support Che and Chaves and whitewash Castro as well as bash Cuban Americans." Yet, they get excused while the right-wingers who support Pinochet and any brutal right-wing pro-American regime get shunned. I agree that Pinochet was a brutal tyrant. He should have been condemned and he was. But contrary to what we're taught abut Latin America, he did not destroy democracy. Salvador Allende was slowly destroying democracy there. The Chilean Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of Chile's bicameral congress, issued a proclamation on August 22, 1973 [a few weeks before the coup that overthrew him on September 11, 1973] that condemned Allende for his human rights violations and his attempts to make himself a dictator. The proclamation was a declaration about the breakdown of democracy in Chile. It said, "That it powerfully contributes to the breakdown of the Rule of Law by providing government protection and encouragement of the creation and maintenance of a number of organizations which are subversive [to the constitutional order] in the exercise of authority granted to them by neither the Constitution nor the laws of the land, in open violation of article 10, number 16 of the Constitution. These include community commandos, peasant councils, vigilance committees, the JAP, etc.; all designed to create a so-called "popular authority" with the goal of replacing legitimately elected authority and establishing the foundation of a totalitarian dictatorship. These facts have been publicly acknowledged by the President of the Republic in his last State of the Nation address and by all government media and strategists."
"That especially serious is the breakdown of the Rule of Law by means of the creation and development of government-protected armed groups which, in addition to threatening citizens’ security and rights as well as domestic peace, are headed towards a confrontation with the Armed Forces. Just as serious is that the police are prevented from carrying out their most important responsibilities when dealing with criminal riots perpetrated by violent groups devoted to the government. Given the extreme gravity, one cannot be silent before the public and notorious attempts to use the Armed and Police Forces for partisan ends, destroy their institutional hierarchy, and politically infiltrate their ranks," said the proclamation. Allende also ruined the economy in Chile. The proclamation says, "It has systematically violated the constitutional guarantee of property rights by allowing and supporting more than 1,500 illegal "takings" of farms, and by encouraging the "taking" of hundreds of industrial and commercial establishments in order to later seize them or illegally place them in receivership and thereby, through looting, establish state control over the economy; this has been one of the determining causes of the unprecedented decline in production, the scarcity of goods, the black market and suffocating rise in the cost of living, the bankruptcy of the national treasury, and generally of the economic crisis that is sweeping the country and threatening basic household welfare, and very seriously compromising national security."
Pinochet was almost as bad as Allende and should be put in the same category. There is hardly any condemnations of Allende because he was a Marxist and because he was not pro-American. Pinochet took power and declared himself the dictator. Under Pinochet, at least the economy improved. Under Pinochet, Chile had implemented free market Capitalism. As a result of the free-market Capitalism, Chile had a good economy.
Like Allende, current Venezuelan president Hugo Chaves is slowly making his country into a dictatorship. The Human Rights Foundation [HRF], a group dedicated to promoting human rights in Latin America, documented that he is starting to ban criticism of his regime, unjustly arresting political opponents, attacking unarmed civilians and took control of the Judiciary. He dismissed the Judiciary. Only people who support him can be on the Judiciary. Chaves is using it to unjustly arrest political opponents. The HRF is also documenting that he wants to control all the media. So now Chaves and his supports are attacking employees who work for Globovision, the only independent news channel in Venezuela. Employees for that news station have to worry about being attacked. My maternal grandfather talked to Venezuelans in America. They said that he rigged the elections and is becoming more of a dictator. If Chaves was right-wing and pro-American rather than Socialist and anti-American, the condemnations would be much louder. Instead, extreme leftists say,"He's sticking up to the 'imperialist US.'" Chaves also called Carlos the Jackal, who was the most notorious and biggest terrorist until Bin Ladin took his place. Imagine if he said Hitler was a good friend. Fortunately, as a Jew, I am happy people respond unfavorably to that. Also, Chaves rigged both the 2004 and 2006 elections. Captain Quarters says the following:
"Hugo Chavez may have lost both the recall referendum in 2004 and the December 2006 presidential election, according to studies conducted by a distinguished multidisciplinary team in Caracas, Venezuela. The team includes the rector of Universidad Simon Bolivar, Frederick Malpica, and a former rector of the National Electoral Council, Alfredo Weil."
The Fidel Castro regime is killing people and arresting and torturing people that the regime doesn't like. Criticism of Castro is forbidden. Many people he doesn't like are in gulags and forced labor camps. The Castro regime has built more prisons. In Cuba, the regime knows everything you're doing. Yet the condemnations for Castro are not as loud as for America or Pinochet. They'll be louder if he was a right-wing pro-American regime rather than a Communist anti-American one. Che Guevara killed thousands of people. He executed many innocent people while helping Castro take over Cuba. He killed thousands of innocent people in la cabana prison for Castro without habeas corpus [like the ones executed by Che, Raul and Castro before Castro took over Cuba]. Che was a bloodthirsty stupid idiotic psychopath. The tribunals the prisoners got were shams. Che declared them guilty before they happened. But prisoners would go to the "tribunals." Che would say that they're guilty and then sent them to the firing squads.
Che, who killed thousands of innocent people and who was one of the founders one of the most oppressive regimes 90 miles away from Miami, is on the T-shirts as praise. These useful idiots buy these T-shirts and believe he fought for the oppressed people.
People say,"Oh my gosh. Batista made casinos. That's horrible." The condemnations of Batista for making casinos is louder than of Castro for deliberately killing and locking up thousands of innocent people. The only thing the US did in Latin America, which it was not condemned for was to bring Fidel Castro to power. The US was not condemned for having an arms embargo on Batista during the end of his reign. People twist it around and say that the US supported Batista and condemned [and condemn] America for supposedly doing that. They claim that US companies dominated Cuba and Latin America and were paying people there cheap wages and exploiting people there. Those claims are false.
Also, most land in Latin American countries including Cuba under Batista was [and is] owned by Latin Americans. Batista's Cuba had one of the best economies. Castro and Che destroyed the economy and made it one of the worst economies.
From 1960-1966, as the Castro regime were abolishing private property, the peasants rebelled and became freedom fighters who fought for the land they owned. Yet that war was unheard of. Castro and Che were not [and are not] condemned for the actions they did.
The fact that Castro and Che wanted to use nuclear weapons on the US is also not loudly condemned. The Castro regime begged Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev to launch the missiles at the US. Khruschev did not want to do it and negotiated a deal with the Kennedy administration to take them out. The Soviets took them out. There are many more horrible things the Castro regime wanted to do to the US and did with his own people and terrorists he supported that he's hardly condemned for. I shall not go into detail.
The US is condemned for it's embargo on Cuba and falsely blamed for ruining the economy that Castro destroyed. People say,"Why don't we leave them alone? We should do business with them." The US is the top food supplier to Cuba. The US provides medical supplies to Cuba. Also, when someone buys something from Cuba, the money ends up in Fidel Catro's hand, which gives him more power to oppress his people. First, the US is accused of exploiting Cuba when US companies [not dominated by the US government] go to Cuba to do business and hire people for jobs. Now, the US is rebuked for the embargo. Some people even go as far as to falsely blame the Cuban Americans for the horrible economy by falsely claiming that it is them making the US have the embargo and it must be their fault. Some Cuban Americans oppose the embargo [this article is neither confirming nor denying that there is an embargo].
Cuban Americans are bashed for telling the truth about Castro's Cuba. They experienced first-hand Castro's tyranny and left because of the horrible economy and because of his human rights violations. They're bashed because they fled from and want to reveal the horror of a Communist anti-American regime. If they fled form and wanted to reveal the truth about a right-wing pro-American regime, then people would listen to them and believe what they say. There is a lot of bigotry against Cuban-Americans and the condemnation for that bigotry is almost non-existent.
The fact that Somoza was pro-American and right-wing is why he was [and is] widely condemned. The Sandinistas promised that after they overthrow Somoza, there will be freedom and democracy. After they took power in 1979, it turned out that they were just as bad as Somoza. Yet the political correct teachings about Latin America keep telling us that life under the Sandinistas were fine. Somoza is portrayed for what he was, a tyrranical dictator, and the Sandisnistas are whitewashed. If you talk about Somoza's human rights violations, people agree. But if you talk about the Sandnista's, then people especially "liberals," will not believe you. The Nicaraguan permanent commission of human rights in Nicaragua, which condemned Somoza, also condemned the Sandinistas. The heritage foundation reported the following:
In a 1982 interview in Washington, D.C., Dr. Jose Esteban Gonzalez, then National Coordinator of the Permanent Commission said that under Somoza he could "call the editors of major U.S newspapers and my statements concerning violations of human rights by the Somoza regime made headlines the following day they don't even answer my calls."
How do you explain that. My answer is simple. The reason why was cause the Somoza regime was right-wing and pro-American. But the Sandinistas were Marxists and anti-America. So condemn the right-wing pro-american ones while give the Communist anti-American ones a green pass. The contras who fought the Sandinistas are demonized cause they're right-wing freedom fighters fighting a Communist anti-American government. They got support from the US. The contras, without any evidence, are accused of targeting civilians. as showed before, the Fidel Castro movement did target people who disagreed with them and executed them. They were not condemned for that. True, the Fidel Castro movement was not Communist then. They were still fighting the "pro-American" Batista regime [As I said before, the US supported the Castro movement against Batista. Let that pass in this part of the article now]. The Sandinistas arrested political opponents and were under trumped up charges such as theft and murder. "In the beginning, we were trained to work against terrorists and spies from other countries. But then we were instructed to work against comrades within the Ministry of Defense. Every individual who was not in agreement with the politics of the Sandinista National Liberation Front was considered to be an excessively dangerous element. For example, people who had disagreed politically with the National Directorate [the nine-member body that oversees the ruling three-man junta] began to face trumped-up charges of theft, even murder," said Roberto Guillén, who served for the Sandinistas. He stopped serving them and left Nicaragua on August 10, 1983. Also, what the Sandinistas did to the Miskito Indians was horrible. "I went to Cuba to study counterintelligence. When I returned in April of 1982, I was assigned to Zelaya Norte. After arriving there, I began to discover barbarities that were being committed against the Miskito people by reading the Ministry of Defense reports. Here is one entry which I copied in my notebook: 'On Feb. 8, 1982, at 8:45 a.m., a troop of border guards fired at civilian persons on the Rio Coco at the point of the community of Bilwaskarma." The report explained that the people were traveling in canoes at the moment the troops fired upon them. One man survived. Reading this, I could not understand why the chief of counterintelligence for the area had not brought this to trial. I couldn't understand also why the soldiers would kill a pregnant woman in the canoe,'" Guillén said. "The Directorate had published an article in Barricada [the official government newspaper] boasting that Sandinista soldiers had killed counterrevolutionaries coming out of Honduras. This was the same shooting I was reading about. The report I was reading said the people were searching for food and lived in Nicaragua. They had gone from Waspán [a town on the river] to Bilwaskarma in their canoes. I couldn't understand this. I fought against the barbarities Somoza committed against the Nicaraguan people. But as the revolutionary process increased, the level of class hatred increased. Among the officers, an attitude was created that one should kill rather than forgive." The Sandnistans killed and tortured political opponents. Unlike Somoza who became a dictator all at once, the Sandinistas were doing it gradually. Yet, we are expected to believe the PC BS that life under the Sandinistas was OK. The Sandinistas also destroyed the economy in Nicaragua. The 1984 elections they had in Nicaragua were rigged in favor of the Sandinistas. The Sandinistas also treated the Jews horribly mainly because of their conneciton with the Palesitne Liberation Organization [PLO]. Yet the Sandinista sgot a gree pass to mistreat the Jews n Nicaragua. These PC liberals complain about the US supporting the contra.s But the Sandinistas supported the PLO, which was dedicated to the destruction of Israel. The PC police gave the Sandinistas the excuse to support the PLO.
I say that any brutal regime in Latin America, like anywhere else, should be condemned weather the regime is pro-American, anti-American, right-wing, left-wing, Communist, Socialist or Capitalist should be condemned, period. But it seems only the right-wing pro-American ones in Latin America are and the left-wing anti-American ones are not or much less if any. That double standard is how we judged [and judge] the history and current affairs of Latin America. The PC version of Latin American history and politics is similar to the leftist version, which excuses the leftist anti-American tyrants while condemning the right-wing pro-American ones and America. It is another way to bash Capitalism. PC, which is controlled by the political left, exaggerates how much land the American companies own and how bad they are in Latin America. People get verbally attacked if they say anything good a right-wing tyrant does. But it's okay to say anything good a left-wing tyrant does. it was okay for Michael Moore to go to Cubans falsely claim that Cuba has good healthcare. It's bad to say anything good about Pinochet. If you do, then you'll be verbally attacked and/or people will ask,"Are you defending Pinochet?" Well no one asked Michael Moore if he was defending Castro even though his movie was at least whitewashing him. When leftist tyrants human rights violations gets exposed, leftists use the PC machine to say,"Well they have free healthcare to distract us from the human rights violations. You know who did have good and free healthcare? Slaves. The owners wanted to keep slaves healthy so they can work. Yet does that justify slavery?
So instead of looking how bad slavery is, we should fixate on the god and free healthcare. Same can be said about the free education. In dictatorships like Cuba [in Cuba, it's Communist indoctrination], it's indoctrination cause it's government controlled.

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