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After the Fall

note:The title above is the same title of the Time Magazine article below. This article talks about Arbenz's cruelty, which was forgotten thanks to the prevailing Communist propaganda on Latin America, which portrays Arbenz as an innocent democrat who was a victim of the US and the US corporation the United Fruit Company.
By Time Magazine July 12, 1954
"Communist perfume," Guatemalans called it: they meant the stench of decaying human flesh. Searchers tracing that noisome odor last week found in three shallow mass graves the bodies of 47 men who had opposed the Red government of President Jacobo Arbenz in its last days. In a basement torture chamber on the capital's Seventh Avenue, bits of hair, plastered to the wall with dried blood, told of victims hurled around the room and battered against the walls by sadistic guards. Out of the jails stumbled 711 lesser oppositionists, some from cells built for five men but crammed with 60. Fifteen men numbly took off their clothing so that U.S. reporters could see the festering cuts and throbbing bruises that covered them from neck to thigh.

In its last desperate bid for survival, the Arbenz government had resorted to savage repressions carried out by its boss policemen, Colonel Rogelio Cruz Wer and Colonel Jaime Rosenberg. The frenzy grew as the downfall neared. Survivors testified that on the last day, Cruz Wer, close to a gibbering collapse, planted himself in front of a cell crowded with political prisoners and screamed, "I am a condemned man, but I will take some of you bastards with me!" He fired a burst from a machine pistol into the cell, and four men fell dead. After Arbenz quit, Cruz Wer and Rosenberg escaped in a small plane to Mexico, where they blandly demanded sanctuary as political refugees.

A Rotten Regime. "No recognized government in Latin America has ever matched this inhuman cruelty," a Latin diplomat in Guatemala exclaimed as the grisly evidence piled up. But the stories helped explain Arbenz' sudden downfall: his government was too rotten to fight for, and the army had refused to fight for the Communist cause it despised.

That the Arbenz regime was too hollow to fight was hardly suspected before it was put to a test — the kind of test that other Communist governments never got.

Six months ago, Castillo Armas was an unimportant exile in Honduras, plotting in impoverished frustration against Arbenz' powerful regime, and generally given no chance. The impression now almost universally held in Guatemala is that the U.S. at that point moved cautiously in to guide affairs. There is still no direct evidence of this. But hindsight reasoning indicates that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency correctly appraised Arbenz' fundamental unpopularity and brutality, his army's unwillingness to stand up for him or for his Communist advisers, and Castillo Armas' capabilities.

Circumstantial support for this theory comes from the known facts. Honduras openly granted bases to Castillo Armas, an act the U.S. could have stopped with a frown. Castillo Armas got money; the revolution must have cost well over $1,000,000 — perhaps as much as $5,000,000. He got airplanes: four F47 fighters and two C-47 cargo planes. He also got expert pilots to fly them.

Latin Americans generally assumed that the U.S. was in Castillo Armas' corner and after he invaded Guatemala, a dank breeze of Communist-abetted anti-Yankeeism swept through some of the hemisphere's countries. Students squawked in demonstrations in Panama, Uruguay, Chile Peru, Cuba, Argentina and Honduras: a U.S. flag was burned in Chile. But there was none of that in Guatemala, where the U.S. role was understood and deeply appreciated. As the overthrown regime's victims were dug out of their graves and the luckier survivors emerged from their cells Guatemalans raised grateful cheers for the U.S. and for Ambassador Peurifoy.

Off to Asylum. The Arbenz crowd meanwhile, had scuttled to asylum. Many of them found the Mexican embassy, right across the street, the handiest. There went most of the Guatemalan Congress. There went the major Communists: Presidential Adviser Jose Manuel Fortuny, Labor Leader Victor Manuel Gutierrez, Peasant Boss Leonardo Castillo Flores, Editor Alfredo Guerra Borges. There went ex-Foreign Minister Guillermo Toriello.

And there, too, went Jacobo Arbenz—after first forcing the Government Development Bank to extend a second mortgage on his cotton farm for $200,000 payable to his wife. He is also accused of having taken funds from the Treasury. Other government fat cats, who had done their looting earlier, were in the Salvadoran embassy; their six 1954 Cadillacs crowded the ambassadorial courtyard.

Political refugees, by convention, are supposed to get safe-conducts out of the country. But the mob of holed-up Arbenzistas may have difficulties. Opinion has swung violently against the Red regime.

Mobs plundered Arbenz' luxurious house (finding, among more valuable spoils, stacks of Communist propaganda and four bags of earth, one each from Russia, China, Siberia and Mongolia). More ominously, a Communist judge who last year sent four alleged plotters to death without trial was himself executed by a firing squad. That showed that the new junta means business with any Communist criminals it can get its hands on.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Liberals deny threat from Iran

By Benyamin Solomon
In this article, I will discuss the threat from Iran that is being denied by liberals especially those who hate President Bush so much that they don't understand the terrorist threat including the threat from Iran.

Iran is building nuclear weapons to fight Israel and the US. Iran supports terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Quada, Hezbollah and the insurgents in Iraq. Liberals, however, deny that Iran is a threat. The Iranian people are not a threat, but the Iranian regime is.

Crooks and Liars, a liberal left-wing propaganda site, has sponsored a petition that calls for the normalization of relations between the US and Iran. That means a petition that calls for the US to normalize relations with an Apocalyptic government that calls for the destruction of America and Israel. Fox News host Alan Colmes, (do you think he knows how much his liberal friends attack his news station?) once asked former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if he would take action against a foreign power that thought your nation was evil and had to take you out before you take them out.

Liberals including Colmes say that Iran is reacting to our rhetoric about how they're evil. But what about their rhetoric, which is far worse? What about the fact that the current President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies that the Holocaust happened, threatens to wipe Israel off the map as well as speaks in demonstrations [speaks to the demonstrators] that say ''Death to Israel'' and ''Death to America.'' Netanyahu said in that interview that Iran calls for the destruction of Israel while no one calls for the destruction of Iran. Since the Iranian revolution in 1979, the Iranian regime, along with the rest of the radical Islamist movement, is dedicated to having their form of Islam as the dominant religion of the whole world [though Iran, since the 1979 Islamic revolution, wants a Fundamentalist Shiite caliphate to dominate the world while the Sunni radical Islamist movement wants a Fundamentalist Sunni caliphate to dominate the world]. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the first Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, said, "Establishing the Islamic state world-wide belong to the great goals of the revolution." He also said, "We will export our revolution throughout the world, and must abandon all idea of not doing so, for not only does Islam refuse to recognize any difference between Muslim countries, it is the champion of all oppressed people." He also said, "We are at war with infidels. Jihad must triumph."

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also said that Islam will conquer the mountain tops of the world. There is evidence that he was behind the hostage crisis, in which American embassy workers were kidnapped and were released in the beginning of Ronald Reagan's presidency.

Current Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that saying death to America is like saying they want refuge from the Satan [the Iranian regime since the 1979 Iranian revolution considers America the great Satan and Israel the small Satan], which he says is that it is to remind them that Satan is ready to attack them, their spiritual shield and their faith.

Leader of the Iranian supported Hezbollah terrorist organization Hasan Nasrallah says ''Death to America'' and ''Death to Israel" when speaking in demonstrations [to demonstrators] in Lebanon that calls for those actions. Ahmadinejad also said in demonstrations [when speaking to the demonstrators], ''Death to Israel,'' and also spoke in demonstrations [when speaking to the demonstrators], that called for the

''Death to America.''

This threat is not fake. Liberals want to make the comparison between Iran and Iraq. In terms of having WMDs, unlike the Iranian regime, Saddam Hussein's Iraq was under tight control by the UN, which made sure that Saddam had no WMDs. What happened with Iraq was that Saddam didn't cooperate with the UN inspectors. Saddam's defectors said that Saddam was creating WMDs. And American intelligence and the intelligence of many nations also said so. There's plenty of evidence that Iran is making WMDS. The US found out Saddam had no WMDs after the US-led coalition started to invade of Iraq. But Iran really is making WMDs.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told Jose Maria Aznar in 2001, then Prime Minister of Spain, that Iran plans to launch a war with the US and Israel until America and the Jewish state are completely destroyed. Ali Khamenei also stated that Iran's number one agenda includes "setting Israel on fire."

During the Second Lebanon war, a book was found based on Ali Khamenei's radical Islamic teachings. It was made for the revolutionary Guards in Iran. It was being distributed by Hezbollah in Lebanon. The book is called Al-Jihad. It calls for holy war on infidels.

Dr. Hassan Abasi, theoretician of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard intelligence, said, ''Our missiles are now ready to strike at their civilization, and as soon as the instructions arrive from Leader [Ali Khamenei], we will launch our missiles at their cities and installations. Our motto during the war (in Iraq) was: Karbala, we are coming, Jerusalem, we are coming. And because of Khatami's policies and dialogue between the civilizations, we have been compelled to freeze our plan to liberate the Islamic cities... And now we are [again] about to carry out the program.''

He also said, ''The global infidel front is a front against Allah and the Muslims, and we must make use of everything we have at hand to strike at this front, by means of our suicide operations or by means of our missiles. There are 29 sensitive sites in the U.S. and in the West. We have already spied on these sites and we know how we are going to attack them.''

Ali Khamenei called for ''the annihilation and destruction of the Zionist state."

Deputy of Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassem admitted that Hezbollah needs permission from Iran to commit its terrorist attacks. Iran has also sought to turn Iraq into an Islamic republic and make Iraq into America's enemy and opposed to Israel's right to exist.

Iran is willing to make alliances with any anti-American regime, even non-Muslim ones such as Venezuela and Cuba. Iran also makes alliances with anti-American [and anti-Israel] Sunni radical Islamist terrorists and even Sunni regimes such as the Syrian one.

Iran seeks to destroy US interests in the Middle East. Yet while it's becoming more clear that Iran is a threat, liberals are in denial. Liberals whitewash the Iranian regime, a regime that has persecuted non-Muslims for 29 years.

This article is not an attack on all Iranians or all Iranian Muslims. It's an attack on the Iranian regime. I showed in this article the threat from Iran that liberals are denying.

In Iran, a woman's life is worth half as much as a man's. The Iranian regime even arrests women for not dressing like a religious Muslim.

The threat from Iran is a Nazi-like threat. When Hitler made clear about his goals, the world ignored him. The same thing is happening with Iran.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ike Nahem's brain

Ike Nahem has written an article for the leftist propaganda site ZNet titled Our Che. The article is full of nothing but distortions. He wines about attempts to demonize Che. He uses the term imperialism out of the blue and sounds like a Communist propagandist. Ike claims that the tribunals used to execute people were fair and the ones executed were torturers and murders for Batista and used terms like US-backed tyranny and throws in other ridiculous terms. First off, the ones who the Castor regime including Che execute were not all soldiers for or connected to Batista. Many were there for disagreeing with the regime. A Cuan-American who worked in Hollywood said in one of the calls in the Dennis Prager show when interviewing Cuban-American exile Humbero Fontova that Che killed his uncle for speaking up against Communism. Many people who fought with Castro against Batista were also executed. They opposed Batista for not being dmeocratic. But they discovered Castro wasn't dmeocratic either. Castro was far worse than Batista. In the beginning, his movement executed innocent people for not cooperating with him. he Cuban archives had the names of the people Che and Raul executed. While the article, refers to Batista as US-backed tyranny, that term contradicts the fact that the Us supported Castro's movement, had ana rms embargo on batista, told Batista to leave and was the first country to recognize Castro. Batista's soldiers did not fight back. Only rearly would they fight back. But it wasn't for Batista. It was cause the Castro movement terrorized the countryside and even attacked the ones who weren't fighting them. In la Cabana, many of batista's soldiers executed let the rebels win and did not fight for Batista. Che was an incompetant at everything. The Castro movement especially his colum, if Batista's soldiers fought, would be easy to defeat. But Batista was so unpopular. He didn't even hav ean army who would fght for him. They claim the proceedings were fair and that here were volumes of torture. But Che said,"Judicial evidence is an archaic bourgeouis detail. We execute from revolutionary conviction."
"According to the Law of the Guerrillas the facts were judged without any consideration to general juridical principles. The right of Habeas Corpus had been suspended.

The statements of the investigating officer constituted irrefutable proof of wrongdoing. The defense lawyer simply admitted the accusations and requested the generosity of the government in order to reduce the sentence. In those days, Guevara was visible in his black beret, cigar in mouth. Cantinflas-like face and bandaged arm in sling. He was extremely thin and his slow and cold tone demonstrated his “posse” of “gray eminence” of the Revolution and total adherence to Marxist theory. Many people congregated in his office and engaged in lively discussions about the revolutionary process. However, his conversation used to be full of irony, he never showed any alteration in temperament or paid any attention to different opinions He reprimanded in private more than one colleague; in public, he chastised us all: “Don’t delay these trials. This is a revolution, the proofs are secondary. We have to proceed by conviction. They are a gang of criminals and murderers. Besides, remember that there is an Appeals Tribunals”

This Appeals Tribunal never decided in favor of the appeal. It simply confirmed the sentences. It was presided by Commander Ernesto Guevara Serna."
Humberto fontova said,"Edwin Tetlow, Havana correspondent for London's Daily Telegraph, reported on a mass 'trial' orchestrated by Che Guevara where Tetlow noticed the death sentences posted on a board before the trial had started.There weren;t testimony of an kind of torutres in the fake tribunals.

So the tribunals were rigged. Many other people who disagreed with Castro weres ent to labot camps, which Che helped to found and still exist even today. Homosexuals and rock-stars were sent there.
The article calls Che a "cultured man in science." That's a false label from nowhere. Che was incompetent at everything. He could only execute. It talks about Che as minminister of Industires. It leaves out the fact that that was when Che destroyed

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Left-wing watch commends Paul Bogdanor for exposing the truth

Left-wing watch thanks Paul Bogdanor for exposing the truth about the political left including the anti-Semitic extremist Noam Chomsky and of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Paul Bogdanor continues his research and finds great information to support the facts he finds. This blog also thanks him for making the publication on the internet 200 lies of Noam Chomsky. Chomsky is nothing but a radical leftist conspiracy theorist. He has these big publishing companies who should know better to publish his propaganda. Yet Paul Bogdanor is one of the guys exposing this anti-Semitic leftist extremist.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Time for Alan Colmes to improve on his facts

Leftists complain that Fox News spreads right-wing propaganda. The PC liberals and the rest of the political left bash Fox and falsely claim that only uneducated Americans watch it. Fox news actually says a lot of facts. Yet it's the most demonized TV news channel cause it's right-wing. There is one naive leftist who works and is a reporter for Fox news. His name is Alan Colmes.
When Cuban-American Humberto Fontova was interviewed about Ernesto [Che] Guevara on Hanitty and Colmes, Alan Colmes claimed it was only he who got facts about Che's firing squads as well as other facts Humberto got about the stupid bloodthirsty idiotic psychopath Che Guevara. That shows how the liberal Alan Colmes knows so little about Che Guevara. The firing squads at la cabana fortress are well-known. Proponents of Che try to justify it claiming that they were there because they were mass-murders under the fallen Fulgencio Batista dictatorship. However, the new Castor regime also executed people in la cabana for disagreeing with the government. One time, while I saw Humberto Fontova in the Dennis Prager show, a Cuban-American called. He said that his Hollywood boss called him and asked what he was doing. He said that he was making a movie about a Cuban-American family.
His boss said oh and then said that he wanted Kerry in to end the embargo on Cuba and said evil Communists come on. The Cuban-American said that Che Guevara killed his uncle for speaking out against Communism. Wow, that really sounds heroic Che, executing his uncle for speaking out against Communism.
Colmes also opposes the term Islamo-fascism even though they follow a form of fascism and claim to be doing their barbaric terrorist acts in the name of Islam. They still indoctrinate people [especially kids] to fight to spread their form of Islam around the world and that if they die, they don't die but end u[ in heaven with 72 virgins. Suicide bombers are holy Shahid fighters according to the radical Islamist ideology. Yet Alan Colmes says the term Islamo-fascism indites a whole religion even though it doesn't. It doesn't mean islam. Islam is a religion like Judaism and Christianity. But Islamo-fascists follow a brand of it and are hijacking Islam and even commit terrorist attacks on their fellow [innocent] Muslims especially those who disagree with radical Islamists and want peace with the non-Muslim infidels while following their faith.
He also said in the Hannitty and Colmes show when Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes interviewed former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu about Iran. Colmes said that Iran feels threatened by our rhetoric. Netanyahu responded correctly saying that Iran calls for the destruction of Israel while no one calls for the destruction of Iran. Alan Colmes like the rest of the political left and the political correct liberal nuts said that our rhetoric is making them do what they do. What about the Iranian government's rhetoric and their anti-American and anti-semitic propaganda. The Iranian government calls for the destruction of America, Israel and for the spread of their form of Islam. The US, Israel and this blog has nothing against the Iranian people. The three opposes the Iranian government as well as the demonstrators in Iran that yell death to American and death to Israel. Abedinejad goes to demonstrations that say death to America and death to Israel and calls for the destruction of Israel.
This blog is not cynically about Alan Colmes. Alan Colmes is just a naive liberal. He works for Fox news, the very TV station that his fellow liberals attack.

left-wing watch condemns crooks and liars for denying the existence of Iranian threat

Left-wing watch rebukes the leftist propaganda site Crooks and liars for downplaying the Iranian threat. It calls on you to sign a petition and has a link to it that calls for us to normalize relations with Iran,. which is the equivalent of countries normalizing relations of Nazi Germany. It also has a video that talks about the US coup that overthrew the elected Mohammad Mosadeq and replaced him with the pro-American shah. It does not mention the incitement by the Iranian government that calls for the destruction of Israel and the US and for their form of Islam to dominate the world, leaves out the nuclear threat and leaves out the fact that Iran supports terrorist groups that reject Israel's right to exist such as Hamas and Hezbollah. Left-wing watch knows that there are many Iranian people who want peace and don;t want war. But they don't represent the government. Iranian president Mahmoud Abadinejad goes to demonstrations that says,"Death to America." Yet the leftist crooks and liars site left that out. That site nitpicks to make political right look bad while ignoring leftists like Noam Chomsky who is anti-Semitic and makes some of the most ridiculous claims.