Saturday, February 23, 2008

left-wing watch condemns crooks and liars for denying the existence of Iranian threat

Left-wing watch rebukes the leftist propaganda site Crooks and liars for downplaying the Iranian threat. It calls on you to sign a petition and has a link to it that calls for us to normalize relations with Iran,. which is the equivalent of countries normalizing relations of Nazi Germany. It also has a video that talks about the US coup that overthrew the elected Mohammad Mosadeq and replaced him with the pro-American shah. It does not mention the incitement by the Iranian government that calls for the destruction of Israel and the US and for their form of Islam to dominate the world, leaves out the nuclear threat and leaves out the fact that Iran supports terrorist groups that reject Israel's right to exist such as Hamas and Hezbollah. Left-wing watch knows that there are many Iranian people who want peace and don;t want war. But they don't represent the government. Iranian president Mahmoud Abadinejad goes to demonstrations that says,"Death to America." Yet the leftist crooks and liars site left that out. That site nitpicks to make political right look bad while ignoring leftists like Noam Chomsky who is anti-Semitic and makes some of the most ridiculous claims.

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