Sunday, February 17, 2008

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This blog is here to expose the political left. It exposes it's hypocrasy and stupidity. It will show how powerful they are. Political correctness has gone too far. It's run by the political left. Political correctness is a leftist idea.
Political correct liberals have gone too far weather it's on environmentalism, radical Islam, Arab-Israeli conflict, economics or Latin America.

Arab-Israeli conflict
Left-wing watch supports Israel and it's right to not only exist but also it's obligation to defend itself. Left-wing watch understands that the occupation is the result, not the cause. The cause is Arab and Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel's right to exist and their attempts to destroy Israel. Left-watch believes that Oslo was a foolish mistake. Neither Fatah [which dominates the PLO] nor any other faction in the PLO recognized Israel's right to exist. The Palestinian Authority under Arafat and Abbas had [and has] their controlled widespread incitement against Israel, which called for[and calls for] the destruction of Israel, praises suicide bombings as religious Shahids and all forms of Palestinian terror as heroic resistance. The incitement is on PA controlled radio, textbooks, TV, mosques and etc... Left-wing watch understands that there are Palestinians who want peace with Israel and neither are terrorists nor support them. But too many Palestinians are terrorists who are fighting to destroy Israel. Prior to Oslo, only a handful of Palestinians were terrorists or supported the PLO's goal of destroying Israel. Now, much more of the population have become terrorists who try to eliminate Israel. Left-wing watch opposes the right of return for all Palestinian refugees because it would demographically destroy Israel. Left-wing watch believes in resettlement of the refugees into normal houses outside of Israel. Left-wing watch supports US support toward Israel and praises the pro-Israel lobby. It understands that Israel is an important ally in the war against Islamo-fascism. The politically correct leftists either blame the west or Israel for the Arab-Israeli conflict. They don't want us to blame the Arab states and Palestinian terrorist groups who reject Israel's right to exist and try to destroy Israel even though they are the right ones to blame for the conflict. Left-wing watch also condemns Israel's 2005 disengagement from Gaza. Benyamin Ben Elizer, the former Labor party leader and defense minister who is currently national infrastructure Miniser admitted it was a mistake. As a result of Israel's disengagement, rocket attacks on Israeli cities especially on Sderot increased. The summit in Anapolis wll fail. The PA leadership under Abbas, as I said before, did not recognize Israel's right to exist. Abbas still calls for the right of return, which would demographically destroy Israel.

Radical Islam
Left-wing watch makes it clear that it does not believe Islam is a violent religion. Islam is a religion like Judaism, Christianity, Hunduism, Buddism or other religions. However, at the same time, there is a movement that is a threat to Islam, moderate Muslims and non-Muslims. it's hijacking Islam and believes it's a duty for Muslims to carry out a jihad on infidels, who are according to the ideology, moderate Muslims and non-Muslims and seeks to make the whole world their form of Islam. It is legitimate to call that movement radical Islam, Islamo-fascism, Islamic fascism, Islamic Nazism, Islam--Nazis or Islamic fundamentalism. Non-Muslims and moderate Muslims should work together to defeat Islamo-fascism.
Left-wing watch understands that it is politically incorrect to say radical Islam is a threat even though it's true. Political correctness would say you're a bigot if you say it's a threat
It's even worse in Europe, where over there, it's politically correct to blame the western nation's [especially the US's foreign policy] and Israel's policy on radical Islamist terrorism.

Latin America
Left-wing watch condemns political correctness for the double standard on right-wingers and America on Latin America. Left-wing watch supports the Cuban-American community against bigotry against them by the political correct "tolerant" left. Left-wing watch understands that people who wear Che Guevara shirts don't know anything about the real Che Guevara.
The real Che Guevara was a mass-muderer and an idiot. Left-wing watch does not believe he was a guerilla fighter. If he was, then a horrible one. He was horrible at guerilla warfare. Che killed thousands of innocent people in La Cabana for Fidel Castro after Castro as well as in the countryside while the July 26th movement i.e. Castro's terrorist group tried to overthrow the Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. The ones executed in the countryside were executed for refusing to cooperate with Castro. Castro and Che were not only executing people in La cabana for being connected or served under Batista. Some were executed for disagreeing with Castro. Even though left-wing watch calls the Castro movement a"terrorist group," this blog also acknowledges that not all people in the Castro movement were terrorists. Some wanted to restore the democracy that was destroyed by the coup Batista did to gain power. They were executed in La Cabana for continuing to try to get democracy in Cuba.

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