Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ike Nahem's brain

Ike Nahem has written an article for the leftist propaganda site ZNet titled Our Che. The article is full of nothing but distortions. He wines about attempts to demonize Che. He uses the term imperialism out of the blue and sounds like a Communist propagandist. Ike claims that the tribunals used to execute people were fair and the ones executed were torturers and murders for Batista and used terms like US-backed tyranny and throws in other ridiculous terms. First off, the ones who the Castor regime including Che execute were not all soldiers for or connected to Batista. Many were there for disagreeing with the regime. A Cuan-American who worked in Hollywood said in one of the calls in the Dennis Prager show when interviewing Cuban-American exile Humbero Fontova that Che killed his uncle for speaking up against Communism. Many people who fought with Castro against Batista were also executed. They opposed Batista for not being dmeocratic. But they discovered Castro wasn't dmeocratic either. Castro was far worse than Batista. In the beginning, his movement executed innocent people for not cooperating with him. he Cuban archives had the names of the people Che and Raul executed. While the article, refers to Batista as US-backed tyranny, that term contradicts the fact that the Us supported Castro's movement, had ana rms embargo on batista, told Batista to leave and was the first country to recognize Castro. Batista's soldiers did not fight back. Only rearly would they fight back. But it wasn't for Batista. It was cause the Castro movement terrorized the countryside and even attacked the ones who weren't fighting them. In la Cabana, many of batista's soldiers executed let the rebels win and did not fight for Batista. Che was an incompetant at everything. The Castro movement especially his colum, if Batista's soldiers fought, would be easy to defeat. But Batista was so unpopular. He didn't even hav ean army who would fght for him. They claim the proceedings were fair and that here were volumes of torture. But Che said,"Judicial evidence is an archaic bourgeouis detail. We execute from revolutionary conviction."
"According to the Law of the Guerrillas the facts were judged without any consideration to general juridical principles. The right of Habeas Corpus had been suspended.

The statements of the investigating officer constituted irrefutable proof of wrongdoing. The defense lawyer simply admitted the accusations and requested the generosity of the government in order to reduce the sentence. In those days, Guevara was visible in his black beret, cigar in mouth. Cantinflas-like face and bandaged arm in sling. He was extremely thin and his slow and cold tone demonstrated his “posse” of “gray eminence” of the Revolution and total adherence to Marxist theory. Many people congregated in his office and engaged in lively discussions about the revolutionary process. However, his conversation used to be full of irony, he never showed any alteration in temperament or paid any attention to different opinions He reprimanded in private more than one colleague; in public, he chastised us all: “Don’t delay these trials. This is a revolution, the proofs are secondary. We have to proceed by conviction. They are a gang of criminals and murderers. Besides, remember that there is an Appeals Tribunals”

This Appeals Tribunal never decided in favor of the appeal. It simply confirmed the sentences. It was presided by Commander Ernesto Guevara Serna."
Humberto fontova said,"Edwin Tetlow, Havana correspondent for London's Daily Telegraph, reported on a mass 'trial' orchestrated by Che Guevara where Tetlow noticed the death sentences posted on a board before the trial had started.There weren;t testimony of an kind of torutres in the fake tribunals.

So the tribunals were rigged. Many other people who disagreed with Castro weres ent to labot camps, which Che helped to found and still exist even today. Homosexuals and rock-stars were sent there.
The article calls Che a "cultured man in science." That's a false label from nowhere. Che was incompetent at everything. He could only execute. It talks about Che as minminister of Industires. It leaves out the fact that that was when Che destroyed

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